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Ultra-Low Volume Misting (fogging)

Companies are doing what they can to keep their employees safe in the fight against COVID-19. Decontaminating the workplace is an effective way to help combat the spread of the coronavirus. We are able to assist you in preparing your workplace for your employee’s return to work. This of course will depend on each unique situation but if it is required then we are able to assist you. We have an Ultra-Low Volume Misting (fogging) service that can be conducted at your premises.

The fogging service is effective against all pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungi, mould and mycoplasma family groups) and is the best way to entirely clean and sanitise a build-up of bad bacteria in hard to reach places.

  • Cost effective
  • Reduces downtime by using a CIP system
  • Re-entry is a mere 60 minutes after the activation period
  • The spray plume is nearly invisible, but delivers peace of mind
  • A treatment certificate is issued after each service
  • Reaches inaccessible areas that traditional approaches do not
  • SABS certified food safe